Hozukyo Torokko Station (トロッコ保津峡駅)

Hozukyo Torokko Station, located in Arashiyama Kita Matsuoyama, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Saga Sightseeing Tram Line of Sagano Scenic Railway.

The station was chosen as part of the second selection of 100 prominent stations in the Kinki region.

Station layout

The station is provided with a single platform serving a track. When operated on the Sanin Main Line, the station was provided with two separate platforms with two tracks served between them, and remnants thereof are found in various portions of the station.

Station surroundings

West Japan Railway Company (JR West): Hozukyo Station on the Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line)
A passage for maintenance is provided between this station and Hozukyo Station, approximately 500 meters in a straight line, but it isn't usable by the general public. The route along which the general public can walk is provided around a valley of the Mizuo-gawa River, by which the distance is approximately 1,100 meters. With no means of transportation available between the two stations, it takes about 15 minutes on foot to reach one station from the other.


August 17, 1929: Initially, it was established as the Matsuoyama signal station on the Sanin Main Line.

April 15, 1936: It started operations for passengers under the name of Hozukyo Station.

April 1, 1987: When Japan National Railways (JNR) was privatized, it became a station of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

March 5, 1989: A new double-track line was introduced between Saga Station (the current Saga Arashiyama Station) and Umahori Station; moreover, Hozukyo Station changed its location, putting a halt to the operation of the station.

April 27, 1991: Its operation was restarted under the name of Hozukyo Torokko Station.


The stories in 'Kishibe-no- Eki' (A station on a shore-side), a novel by Megumu SAGISAWA, are centered on this station.

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