Isa Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (石原駅 (京都府))

Isa Station, located in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Sanin Main Line of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It is famous for having a name that is difficult to read.

The station is intended for the Sanin Main Line, but some trains on the Maizuru Line make stops at this station via Ayabe Station.

Station layout
The station is on the ground with an island platform that provides a single platform between double tracks. This station has no station staff. The station house is on the south side of the outbound line, and an automatic ticket machine is provided in the station house. The station house and the platform are connected by an overpass.

The restroom is within the confines of the ticket gate, with the sexes separated, and the toilets are of the vault type.

Station surroundings
Osadano Industrial Park, Kyoto Prefecture
Isa Branch of Kyoto Hokuto Shinkin Bank
Fukuchiyama Onsen (hot spring) Yoro-no-yu
Kyoto Prefectural High School of Technology
Fukuchiyama-Ayabe Line of Kyoto Prefectural Route 8
Fukuchiyama Off-rail station

Passenger use
According to research conducted in fiscal year 2006, the station was used by approximately 351 people each day.
(according to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

Many passengers are students of the Prefectural High School of Technology.

November 3, 1904: The station opened as a facility of Japan National Railways (JNR). On the same day, it was loaned to Hankaku Railway. Transportation services for passengers and freights were initiated.

August 1, 1907: Hankaku Railway was nationalized.

August 26, 1971: Freight service ceased.

April 1, 1987: The station became part of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) due to the division and privatization of JNR.

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