Kamikatsura Station (上桂駅)

Katsura Station, located in Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a stop on the Hankyu Arashiyama Line, which is operated by the Hankyu Railway.

Station layout
An aboveground station with two separate platforms serving two tracks, Kamikatsura Station has a passing loop that enables trains running in opposing directions to pass each other. The station building (ticket gate) is in the direction of Arashiyama Station of the platform for trains bound for Katsura, and is connected with a underground passage to the platform for trains bound for Arashiyama on the opposite side.

Platform numbers aren't assigned.

Station surroundings
The Kyoto Kamikatsura post office
Nishikyo Ward Office, 600-700 meters
National Route 9
Bus Stop
In front of Kamikatsura Station
The Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau
Route 69: Bound for Nijo Station via Shijo Omiya
Route 69: Bound for Katsura Station via Mozume

Passenger use
The number of passengers per day in fiscal year 2003 was approximately 4,312 (according to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report).

November 9, 1928: The station went into operation concurrently with the Shinkeihan Railway Arashiyama Line.

On September 15, 1930, it became a station of Keihan Electric Railway as a result of amalgamation.

On October 1, 1943, it became a station of Keihanshin Express Railway (the current Hankyu Railway) as a result of amalgamation.

January 9, 1944: All the lines (except for part of the station) became single due to the need to supply materials. It became a station where two trains could pass each other.

Adjacent stations
Hankyu Railway
Arashiyama Line
Katsura Station - Kamikatsura Station - Matsuo Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

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