Kamitobaguchi Station (上鳥羽口駅)

Kamitobaguchi Station, located in Takeda-Mukaidaimachikawa-cho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railway facility on the Kyoto Line of Kintetsu Corporation.

Station layout
It is an elevated station with a one-side, two-track island platform, and on each side of the platform it has a passing track that allows a train to wait for another. The platform's effective length is equal to six cars. The ticket inspection facility and concourse are on the first floor, and the platform is on the second floor. It has only one ticket gate.

There is a crossover on the side toward the direction of Kyoto, and in a time of emergency the train can double back, although this hasn't yet occurred (normally, the train shuttles at Mukojima Station). This is the only movable nose crossing in existence throughout the Kintetsu Railway.

The automatic ticket gates were manufactured by Toshiba. A red-colored automatic ticket gate (EG-2000) has the two-ticket processing function at the outgoing ticket usage check, and it accepts PiTaPa and ICOCA.

Passenger use
According to a survey conducted on November 8, 2005, the number of users was 7,002.

This is the ninety-third position of all the stations of the Kintetsu Railway targeted by the survey (323 as of the survey date).

It ranked eighteenth out of all the stations on the Kyoto Line (26, including Yamato-Saidaiji Station).

It ranked sixteenth out of all the stations of the Kintetsu Railway within Kyoto City (23 stations).

Station surroundings
Kyoto Detention House
Kyoto Branch Office of the Kinki District Transport Bureau, MLIT
Bank of Kyoto Kami-Toba Business Center
Kuzebashi-dori Street
Abura-koji-dori Street
Murata Machinery Ltd., Head Office
Nintendo Headquarters Office
Yasaka Bus Shako (depot)
Kyoto Prefectural Route 201: Nakayama-Inari Line


The nearest bus stop is Kintetsu Kamitobaguchieki-mae, which is situated on Kuzebashi-dori Street. Kyoto City Bus handles the operation, and the following route buses are available.

Kyoto City Bus, Yokooji Office, Route 84: Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Station

April 5, 1940: It was inaugurated as a station of the Nara Electric Railway. It was a ground station with two separate platforms serving two tracks between them.

October 1, 1963: It became a station of Kintetsu Railway due to the company's merger.

November 27, 1999: It was elevated following the consecutive replacement of crossings to those with an overpass or an underpass in the section between Takeda Station and Toji Station. The number of tracks was increased to four, which enabled the train to take refuge (wait for another train).

April 1, 2007: PiTaPa became accepted at the station.

Adjacent stations
Kintetsu Railway
Kyoto Line
Jujo Station (Kintetsu) - Kamitobaguchi Station - Takeda Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

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