Kamiyakuno Station (上夜久野駅)

Kamiyakuno Station, located at 1284-2, Hirano Mutsu-machi, Yakuno-cho, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Sanin Main Line, which is operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

As seen from the Kyoto side, it's the last station within Kyoto Prefecture on the Sanin Main Line.

It's the station nearest to Nosho no Sato Yakuno, a roadside facility.

Station layout
Kamiyakuno Station is a ground station having an island platform with a railroad track running on each side. It's an unmanned station, and the old wooden station office that once stood there has been demolished. Today, passengers enter the platform directly from a pedestrian bridge built over the railway on the north side of the station. There is a ticket vending machine near the entrance to the bridge.

The station's vault toilet is used by both men and women.

Because track No. 1, on the entrance side, is used by trains that pass the station without stopping, passing trains and trains that don't meet other trains coming from the opposite direction at the station use Platform 1, regardless of whether they're inbound or outbound lines.

Trains that stop at the station to meet other trains coming from the opposite direction stop at Platform 2 on both the inbound and outbound lines.

When two trains coming from opposite directions meet at the station, the one bound for Fukuchiyama (inbound train) stops at Platform 1 and the one bound for Kinosaki-onsen Hot Spring (outbound train) at Platform 2.

Station surroundings
Nosho no Sato Yakuno roadside station
Yakuno Honjin restaurant
Yakuno Ichidoan (training facility with tea rooms)
Yakuno Marche restaurant
Yakuno Begonia Garden
Yakuno Azukikan Museum
Roadside Station Nosho no Sato Yakuno Takahara Market
Yakuno Highland (a battlefield during the Onin War, which was fought in the late fifteenth century)
Seika Elementary School

Yakunogahara Ski Resort (closed)

Passenger use
The number of daily passengers was about 129 in fiscal year 2006.
(According to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

October 25, 1911: The station opened as a Japan National Railways station concurrently with the opening of the line running between Fukuchiyama and Wadayama. Passenger and freight services were started.

October 1, 1971: Freight service was terminated.

April 1, 1987: The station became a JR West facility as a result of the split and privatization of the Japan National Railways.

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