Kangetsukyo Station (観月橋駅)

Kangetsukyo Station, located in Bungobashi-cho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop of the Keihan Uji Line, which is operated by the Keihan Electric Railway. This station is located immediately west of Kangetsu-kyo Bridge, where National Route 24 crosses over the Uji-gawa River.

Station layout
It is placed on the ground level, with two separate platforms with two tracks served between them.

The ticket gates are placed at the north end of Kangetsu-kyo Bridge on National Route 24, on the Chushojima side (the Chushojima side of the platforms). A separate ticket gate is provided for each of the inbound trains and outbound trains, therefore one can't move between the platforms inside the gates. A station officer is always on duty at the gate for the direction of Uji. In the morning, station officers check the safety of the railway crossing on the Chushojima side of Kangetsukyo Station.

The platforms have lengths sufficient to accommodate five-car trains. No Platform number is displayed.

Station surroundings
Fusimi Park
National Route 24

June 1, 1913: This station became operational simultaneously with the Keihan Uji Line.

October 1, 1943: Due to the merger of the companies concerned, it became a station of Keihanshin Express Railway (presently Hankyu Railway).

September 15, 1945: The use of this station was stopped in order to prevent the disruption of transportation.

November 8, 1945: The operation of this station restarted.

December 1, 1949: Corresponding to the division of the company, it became a station of the Keihan Electric Railway.

January 9, 1987: Ramps for wheelchairs were installed on the platform for Uji.

Passenger use

Presumably, because many houses exist on the south side, across Kangetsu-kyo Bridge, and scarcely any other station is available in the area, many people employ this station.

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