Katabiranotsuji Station (帷子ノ辻駅)

Katabiranotsuji Station, located in Uzumasa-katabiranotsuji-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a facility of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. The station numbers are A8 (for the Arashiyama Main Line) and B1 (for the Kitano Line).

The geographical name of the area around the station is 太秦帷子ケ辻町 (the pronunciation is Uzumasa-Katabiranotsuji-cho, not Uzumasa-Katabiragatsuji-cho), but for the station name 帷子ノ辻, which includes 'ノ' instead of 'ケ,' is used.

Railway lines available
Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. The Arashiyama Main Line of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. The Kitano Line of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.

Station layout
This station is located at ground level, with a platform serving a track and an island platform serving three tracks. With the ticket gate located underground, the station house is a so-called underground station house, but at first glance it looks like an over-track station house because the entire area of the platforms on the ground level is placed within a building. This building is 'Randen Plaza Katabira,' owned by Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd., where Fresco, a supermarket, On Sendo, a discount clothing store, and Daiso-Sangyo, a \100 store, are located.

The Katabiranotsuji branch of Kyoto Bank is now located at the former site of the Kyoto Koseikai supermarket (operated by Pororoca Corporation), which existed in the immediate south side of Randen Plaza Katabira.

The ticket gate

Only one ticket gate is provided underground. The ticket gate is manned. A flower shop is located in front of the ticket gate.


Part of the island platform placed between Platform 2 and Platform 4 is cut to accommodate another platform (Platform 3), which is terminated here, and consequently users can change trains on Platforms 2 to 4 while remaining on the same plane. However, to move between the Platform 1 and other platforms, one must use an underground path by way of stairs.

Trains on the Kitano Line most often use Platform 4. However, during daylight hours in seasons when people enjoy outings, the through-service trains (both inbound and outbound) operating between Kitano-Hakubaicho and Arashiyama arrive at and depart from Platform 4, and during that time the trains of Kitano Line returning from this station use Platform 3.

Station surroundings
Uzumasa Station of the West Japan Railway Company (on the Sagano Line)
Uzumasa Hospital
Shochiku Kyoto Eiga Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Municipal Hachigaoka Junior High School
The Fresco supermarket
Kyoto Prefectural Route 112: Nijoteishajo-Arashiyama Line
The mausoleum of Imperial Prince Nakano, prince of the Emperor Kanmu (a large keyhole-shaped tomb mound built in the sixth century)
Hebizuka Tomb (a large keyhole-shaped tomb mound built in the sixth century, where an enormous stone chamber dug into a hill side--one of the largest of its kind in Japan--is exposed)

March 10, 1926: This station started operating as a facility of Arashiyama Electric Tramway.

April 2, 1918: The companies concerned merged, and it became a station of Kyoto Dento, an electric power company.

March 10, 1926: Tram operation started between Takaoguchi Station (the present-day Utano Station) on the Kitano Line and Katabiranotsuji Station.

March 2, 1942: The tramway was transferred to Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd., and this station became a facility of that company.

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