Kibuneguchi Station (貴船口駅)

Kibuneguchi Station, located in Kurama Kibune-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Kurama Line, which is operated by Eizan Electric Railway.

Station layout

It's an unmanned station having a platform only one side of which is used for track service.

A station attendant is present during busy periods, including the spring and fall sightseeing seasons as well as weekends in which large numbers of visitors are expected. To handle the many visitors, an automatic ticket checker (with no gate) for KANSAI THRU PASS is set up, and a station attendant resides next to it.

A portion of the platform is located near the meeting point of the Kurama-gawa and Kibune-gawa rivers and above the iron bridge of Kyoto Prefectural Route 361, the Kamikuroda Kibune Line. The main entrance is located along the Kibune side of the Kyoto Prefectural Route, and an automatic ticket vending machine is set up at the foot of the station, but it is operated only when a station attendant is present. There is a shop next to the automatic ticket vending machine, and the platform is located at the top of the stairway extending from the shop. There is a bathroom downstairs and to the left, toward the platform from the shop side; the passage leads in the direction of Kurama Elementary School, from which the iron bridge and the platform, surrounded by trees, can be seen. Due to its location, the station is basically not wheelchair-accessible.

Station surroundings

The station is located on Kyoto Prefectural Route 361, the Kamikuroda Kibune Line, just past the point at which it diverges from Kyoto Prefectural Route 38, the Kyoto Hirogawara Miyama Line (Kurama Kaido Road).

To reach Kibune-jinja Shrine, which is a walk of approximately 20 minutes from the station, one must take a narrow road or otherwise ride a bus, as mentioned later. The traffic is considerable during busy times, so walking on the road requires careful attention. Additionally, refer to the section of (Kyoto Prefectural Route 361, the Kamikuroda Kibune Line).

There are no noticeable facilities except Kurama Elementary School and the Fire Station Branch.

Kyoto Prefectural Route 361: Kamikuroda Kibune Line

Kyoto Prefectural Route 38: Kyoto Hirogawara Miyama Line (Kurama Kaido Road)

Kajitori-hashi Bridge (a vermilion-lacquered bridge located at the fork of the above-mentioned two prefectural routes)

Hotaru Iwa Rock (a habitat of Genji fireflies, a two-minute walk away)

Kyoto Municipal Kurama Elementary School

Kurama Fire Station Branch

Daikan-shoten Shop (which sets up a shop in Kibuneguchi Station and sells commuter tickets on a commission basis)

The autumn leaves in the station yard are illuminated for the Kibune Momiji Toro Festival, which is held each November.

Neighborhood of Kibune-jinja Shrine

Kibune-jinja Shrine

Kurama-dera Temple West Gate (Kibuneguchi (Kibune entrance))

Restaurants with streambeds

Bus stops
Kibuneguchi-ekimae (in front of Kibune Station) Bus Stop (located on the opposite side of the station exit)
Kyoto Bus Route 33: For Kibune (seasonally varying time schedule; for 2008, it was operated daily between March 20 and December 7)

Kibune-guchi (from the station exit, passing the iron bridge under the platform, along Kurama Kaido Road ahead of the bridge)
Kyoto Bus Route 32: Demachiyanagi Station - Kitaoji Station - Kibune-guchi - Kurama - Hirogawara (year-round operation)
Kyoto Bus Route 95 'Kitayama Birdie' : Ohara - Kurama (operated only on Saturdays and holidays between Vernal Equinox Day and November 30)


October 20, 1929: The station opened as a facility of the Kurama Electric Railway.

August 1, 1942: As a result of the business consolidation, it was placed under the control of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.

April 1, 1986: As a result of the company reorganization, the station became under the control of Eizan Electric Railway.

Adjacent stations

Eizan Electric Railway
Kurama Line
Ninose Station - Kibuneguchi Station - Kurama Station

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