Kizugawa Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (木津川駅 (京都府))

Kizugawa Station was a temporary station that once existed on the Nara Electric Railway Line (later the Kintetsu Kyoto Line) in Kyotanabe City (Tanabe City at that time), Kyoto Prefecture. The station was located between Tonosho Station and Shintanabe Station, to the south of the Kizu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture) but slightly north of the Shintanabe Shako depot.


Given Kyoto City's location far from the sea, people had to ride a train for a long time in order to bathe in for example, the Japan Sea or the Kii-Suido (Channel). Accordingly, the swimming areas provided at Lake Biwa and the Kizu-gawa River became popular.

The Nara Electric Railway, a predecessor of the Kyoto Kintetsu Line, built a temporary platform just across the Kizu-gawa River for access to swimming areas when the area of about 33,000 square meters opened in 1929 to provide swimming at the Kizu-gawa River. The station was a temporary one that was open only during summer, but later it became a permanent station for a while; it was abolished during the war but was reopened immediately after the end of the war.

In fiscal year 1955, at its peak, as many as 170,000 people annually visited these places by riding the train.

Then, due to the construction of facilities (including swimming pools) around the country, the place to swim came to be of less significance; consequently, the station was closed since the swimming areas were closed down in 1965, and nine years later the station was officially abolished.


July 10, 1929: The station opened as the places to swim opened. 193X: The station was upgraded to permanent status. May 20, 1945: The station was closed. October 1, 1946: The station was abolished. July 1, 1948: The station was reopened as a temporary station. October 1, 1963: The Nara Electric Railway was merged into Kintetsu Corporation/Kintetsu Railways. August 23, 1965: The station was closed. July 20, 1974: The station was abolished.

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