Kohata Station (JR West) (木幡駅 (JR西日本))

Kohata Station, located in Uji City of Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Nara Line of West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

This JR station is named 'Kohata,' but the station on Keihan Uji Line using identical (Chinese) characters is read/pronounced differently and is 'Kowata' Station.

Station layout
It is an aboveground station with a one-sided platform (track on one side only) and another of the island type with one track, enabling trains to pass each other or others. It was formerly a station with two platforms and three tracks, but the track or rails in the middle have been dismantled. Station operations have been commissioned to JR West Japan Transportation Service Co., Ltd. The ICOCA and J-Thru cards can be used as well as PiTaPa cards (Surutto KANSAI Association), which are subject to mutual use with ICOCA cards.

More trains to both Kyoto and Nara use the single-track platform (Platform 1) nearer to the station's main structure. The opposite island-type platform (Platform 2) crossing an overpass is where local trains stop to take refuge, thus allowing rapid trains to overtake them. Following the introduction of Miyakoji Rapid Service on the Nara Line, track No. 1 within the station yard has been converted to a thoroughfare (unlike Obaku Station), on which nonstop trains can overtake without slowing down.

The small wooden station building that stood at the time of inauguration is still being used with care. The barrel-type mailbox standing in front of the station is commonly known as the 'Maru-post' mailbox.

As already mentioned, both inbound and outbound local trains taking refuge so as to allow rapid trains to pass come in on Platform 2. When local trains cross each other heading in opposite directions, the inbound train comes in on Platform 1 and the outbound train leaves on Platform 2. Trains other than the above-mentioned, whether inbound or outbound, come in on Platform 1.

Usage status
The number of passengers boarding at this station came to approximately 2,685 per day in fiscal year 2006.
(Source: Kyoto Prefecture Statistical Report)

Station surroundings

Uji Tomb

Kohata-jinja Shrine/Kohata-jinja Shrine of Kohata

Uji-Kowata Post Office

Kyoto Prefectural Higashi-Uji Senior High School -- Known as the alma mater of the Japanese talent Misako YASUDA

Kohata Pedestrian Path -- Refer to the History paragraph below.

Kyoto Animation -- Head office located in front of the station

Kowata Station (Keihan) (Keihan Uji Line) -- A walk of about five minutes to the west

Kyoto Medical Juvenile Training School

Uji Line of the Kyoto Prefectural Route 7

The environs are clustered with dwelling houses.

January 25, 1896: The station was inaugurated as a station of the Nara Railway.

February 7, 1905: The station became a Kansai Railway Company station as a result of the amalgamation.

October 1, 1907: Kansai Railway Company was nationalized under the Railway Nationalization Act. It became Japan National Railways Kohata Station.

April 1, 1987: The station became a JR West station due to the split privatization of Japan National Railways.

A spur line existed from the pre-WWII to post-WWII days between this station and the Kohata branch plant of the defunct Imperial Japanese Army Uji powder plant, located in the western part of Kohata. Although the track was subsequently removed, many of the embankments, bridge girders of road overpasses, etc., still remain, and the land west of Keihan Uji Line is now a road on which trucks are constantly running to and from the Panasonic plant and a sewage-treatment plant.
Some sections of the land along the main line were converted into a promenade in 1983 and given the name 'Kohata Pedestrian Path.'

Neighboring stations
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