Kutsukawa Station (久津川駅)

Located in Joyo City of Kyoto Prefecture, Kutsukawa Station is a stop on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line of the Kintetsu Corporation.

Station layout
It's an aboveground station with two platforms opposite each other and two tracks in between. Each platform has a length sufficient to accommodate six cars. Separate ticket gates are installed for the up-train and down-train platforms, since there is neither an underpass nor an overpass. Ticket gates of both the up train and down train platforms are located at the end of the platform nearer to Yamato-Saidaiji.

The automated ticket gates were manufactured by Toshiba. The red-colored automated ticket gates (EG-2000) can process two tickets together when exiting, and they're compatible with the PiTaPa and ICOCA cards.

Usage status
The results of a survey conducted on November 8, 2005 revealed that 8,278 passengers got on or off at this station that day.

It ranked eighty-fourth among all Kintetsu stations (a total of 323 on that date) subject to the survey.

It ranked fifteenth among stations on the Kyoto Line (a total of 26, including Yamato-Saidaiji Station).

It ranked thirteenth among 23 Kintetsu stations in Kyoto Prefecture.

Station surroundings
Joyo Municipal Kutsukawa Elementary School
Joyo Hirakawa Post Office
Basho-zuka Kofun Tomb
Kutsukawa Kurumazuka Kofun Tomb
Hirakawa Dilapidated Temple Ruin
Super Yamadaya

November 3, 1928: The station was inaugurated when the section between Momoyama Goryo-mae Station and Saidaiji Station (now Yamato-Saidaiji Station) on the Nara Electric Railway commenced operations.

October 1, 1963: The station became a Kintetsu Corporation station as a result of amalgamation.

April 1, 2007: The use of PiTaPa cards commenced.

Neighboring stations
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Kyoto Line
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