Matsugasaki Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (松ヶ崎駅 (京都府))

Matsugasaki Station, located in Matsugasaki-Rokunotsubo-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Karasuma Line, which is operated by Kyoto Municipal Subway. The station number is K02.

Station layout

The station is situated underground, with an island platform serving two tracks. Only one ticket gate is provided.

Station surroundings

This station is located in the underground of Kitayama-dori Street. The area around the station is a residential district that has developed since the 1970s.

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Kyoto Notre Dame University

Notre Dame Elementary School

Kyoto Prefectural Rakuhoku High School

Takaragaike Park

Kyoto City's ballgame ground in the athletic facilities at Takaragaike Park

Takaragaike Driving School

The Culture Convenience Club store in Matsugasaki

The Circle K Sunkus store in front of Matsugasaki Station

The Konaka store in Kitayama, Kyoto City

To the north is located the mountain famous for '妙' and '法' in Gozan Okuribi (the bonfires for sending back the spirits of the dead in the five mountains) (on this mountain, the bonfires are shaped in the forms of the Chinese characters of 妙 and 法).

The Matsugasaki Kaijiri-cho bus stop on the east side of this station, used by Kyoto Bus, is the bus stop nearest to this station, but Matsugasaki Eki-mae (in front of Matsugasaki Station) on the west side, as utilized by Kyoto City Bus, can also be used (the buses of the Kyoto Bus on the routes starting at and returning to Matsugasaki Kaijiri-cho display their destinations as 'Matsugasaki Station.')


June 3, 1997: This station began operating when the Karasuma Line started its operation between Kokusaikaikan (the international conference hall) and Kitayama.

April 1, 2007: PiTaPa became usable.

Adjacent stations

Kyoto Municipal Subway
Karasuma Line
Kokusaikaikan Station (K01) - Matsugasaki Station (K02) - Kitayama Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (K03)

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