Nagaokakyo Happy Bus (長岡京はっぴぃバス)

The Nagaokakyo Happy Bus is a community bus operated by Nagaokakyo City in Kyoto Prefecture. The Hankyu bus company has been sub-contracted to run the operation.


The service commenced in October 2006 aiming to alleviate transport inconvenience within Nagaokakyo city and ensure a means of transport for the elderly. The service was initially operated on a trial basis until July 31, 2008. In September 2007 there was an overhaul of routes and fares etc. that had been in place until then.

From August 2008, government funding was due to end and there was a change and plans were made for the city to independently operate the service. However, the community bus operating committee was dissolved and a legally incorporated committee was formed in line with the Act on Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Local Public Transportation Systems so, from August government funding continued. Also, there were plans to continue the service until the end of FY 2008.

October 2, 2006:

- Operation commences

August 2007

- "Gratis service for Children" run on an initial trial basis during school holidays.

September 3, 2007:

- Reorganization of: route, fares and timetable.


There are 2 routes and both utilize the West Japan Railway Company Nagaokakyo Station west exit as terminus and departure point.

Northern Route

JR Nagaokakyo => Hankyu Railway Nagaokatenjin Station => Cultural Centre=>Otokunidera =>Takinocho=>Nishinokyo=>Uguisudai Nishi=>Nagaoka Tenmangu Shrine=>JR Nagaokakyo Station(mornings only.
In the afternoon it goes in the opposite direction)

Western Route

JR Nagaokakyo=>Tomo-oka=>Izumigaoka=>Takadai Nishi=>Koganegaoka=>Kayogaoka 2 Chome ((Mitakedai Housing)=>Cultural Centre=>Hankyu Nagaokatenjin Station=>JR Nagaokakyo (mornings only).
In the afternoon goes in the opposite direction)

Operates only on weekdays.
(No service on: Sat/Sun/Holidays/year end/new year's day)

There are eight services each day on each route.

Fares, etc.

Flat fare system for: Adults: JPY 150, Children: JPY 80.

Transferring from one route to another at JR Nagaokakyo station is gratis and also there is a discount if transferring over to another Hankyu bus.

From summer 2007, during school vacations there is a gratis bus service for children of elementary age or younger.

Large wagons are utilized for the service and each vehicle seats 12 passengers.

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