Ninose Station (二ノ瀬駅)

Ninose Station, located in the Sakyo ward of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Kurama Line of the Eizan-dentetsu (Eizan Electric Railway).

Because the station is located almost in the middle of a single-track section, the station serves as a bypass track for all trains during the day.

Station layout

It is an unmanned station with two platforms serving two tracks. Because a log cabin-style waiting room is installed on the Demachiyanagi Station-bound platform, which a train door of a one-man-operated train meets, the platform has no roof. A bench with a short roof is installed on the Kurama Station-bound platform. A main entrance is located on the Kurama Station side of the platform, and two platforms are connected by a level crossing (Class 4) in the station. Ninose Village can be reached by taking the stairs down from the station. A lavatory is located below the platform on the Demachiyanagi side of the Demachiyanagi Station-bound platform, from which the village can also be reached by taking the stairs. The station is in the hilliest situation among the stations of the Eizan Electric Railway. Given its layout, the station isn't accessible to persons in wheelchairs.

Station surroundings

The station is located on the mountainside, and beyond the village on the other side is the Kyoto-hirogawara-miyama Line of the Kyoto Prefectural Route 38 (Kurama-kaido). There are no stores or vending machines in or around the station. Recently some modern houses with satellite antennas have been built, but still the view of the mountain village, as seen from the station, is beautiful.

Tokai-shizen-hodo (nature trail), Yonaki-toge (mountain pass)

Ninose-yuri Trail

Shomyo-in Temple

Fuji-jinja Shrine and Moritani-jinja Shrine are on the Kibuneguchi side, beside the level crossing to the trail (the two shrines have a common shrine).

Tatsuta-jinja Shrine isn't open to the public, but part of its garden can be seen from the car near a rail bridge on the Ichihara side.

Momiji no Tonneru (Tunnel of maple leaves) is located on the Kurama Line of the Eizan Electric Railway between Ichihara and Ninose.

During the 'Kibune Momiji-toro' (held in November), the autumn leaves in the station are illuminated.


October 20, 1929: The station opened under the ownership of the Kurama Electric Railway.

August 1, 1942: The station came under the ownership of the Keifuku Electric Railroad as a result of the amalgamation.

April 1, 1986: The station came under the ownership of the Eizan Electric Railway due to the reorganization of companies.

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