Nishioji-oike Station (西大路御池駅)

Nishioji-oike Station, located in the Nakagyo ward of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Tozai Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway. The station opened on January 16, 2008. The station lies under the Nishioji-oike crossing. The number given to the station is T16. A sunflower tone is the color given to the station.

Station name

The station names on the subways in Kyoto City are given in the following manner: give 'a name of a street running north-south' to a station on the line running east-west that crosses the street, or give 'a name of a street running east-west' to a station on the line running north-south (Karasuma Line) that crosses the street. The station was temporarily given the name 'Nishioji Station' but it was too easily confused with Nishioji Station on the JR Kyoto Line, so it was decided to add 'oike' to 'Nishioji' in order to have the same name as the crossing located just above the station, like Karasuma-oike Station. Incidentally, among the public opinions for a station name gathered in February 2007, 'Nishioji' counted for 41% and 'Nishioji-oike' 16%.

Station layout

An island platform serves two tracks with platform doors. Only one ticket gate is installed. A bus locator system is installed outside the ticket gate to provide real-time information on the locations of Kyoto City buses.

Station surroundings

Sanjo Works, Shimadzu Corporation

Kyoto Municipal Saikyo Senior High School

Nishioji-Sanjo Station on the Arashiyama Main Line of the Keifuku Electric Railroad (about 400 meters to the south)

Kyoto City Chokaku Gengo Shogai Center (rehabilitation and treatment center)

Kyoto Kinrosha Gakuen (Labor Gakuen) (about 900 meters to the southeast)

JR Emmachi Station (about 800 meters to the north)

Route bus

Kyoto City Bus (Nishioji-oike bus stop)
Route No. 26 -- For Yamagoe-nakacho / Kyoto-ekimae (Kyoto Station)
Route No. 27 -- For Kyoto Gaikokugodaigaku-mae (Kyoto Gaidai-mae) (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) / Kyoto Kokajoshidaigaku-mae (Kyoto Koka Women's University)
Route No. 75 -- For Yamagoe-nakacho / Kyoto-ekimae (Kyoto Station)
Route No. 91 -- For Daikaku-ji Temple/ Shijo-Karasuma
Route No. 202 -- For Kumanojinja-mae (Kumano-jinja Shrine) / Kyoto City Bus Kujo-eigyosho-mae (Kujo office)
Rapid Route No. 202 -- For Ritsumeikan-Daigakumae (Ritsumeikan University) / Kujo Shako depot
Route No. 203 -- For Gion / Kyoto City Bus Kinrin-shucchosho-mae (Kinrin branch office)
Route No. 205 -- For Kitaoji Bus Terminal / Kyoto-ekimae (Kyoto Station), Kujo Shako depot
Rapid Route No. 205 -- For Ritsumeikan-Daigakumae (Ritsumeikan University) / Kyoto-ekimae (Kyoto Station), Kujo Shako depot
Special bound for Ritsumeikan-Daigakumae (Ritsumeikan University)


January 16, 2008: The station opened when the Tozai Line was extended from Nijo Station to Uzumasa-tenjingawa Station.

Neighboring stations

Kyoto Municipal Subway

■Tozai Line

Nijo Station (T15) - Nishioji-oike Station (T16) - Uzumasa-tenjingawa Station (T17)

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