Oe Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (大江駅 (京都府))

Oe Station, located in Oe-cho of Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railroad station on the Miyafuku Line, which is operated by Kitakinki Tango Railway (KTR).

Except for the terminal stations, it's the only station at which all trains on the line stop.

Station layout
Oe Station is an elevated facility with an island platform serving two tracks, one on each side.

The platform is equipped with a waiting room.

Consequent upon the electrification of railroads on March 16, 1996, construction work was implemented to make a separate railroad track for trains that pass the station without stopping, as well as to expand the platform.

The station building contains a store operated by the Oe Tourism Company, where local products such as Oni Manju (bean-jam rice buns) are sold.

Station surroundings
Ogre statues, gargoyles and mosaics of ogres are displayed in front of the station, based on the legendary ogres of Mt. Oe.

Shin Oe-cho Hospital
Kyoto Hokuto Credit Association Oe-cho Branch
Fukuchiyama City Office Oe Branch

Bus services
Kyoto Kotsu (Maizuru) Bus Service
Name of the bus stop: Komori
Buses bound for Nishi-Maizuru Station via Kitaariji (Ashiginu Okumo no Sato (a facility operated by Kyoto Prefecture with a restaurant, historic museum and hotel))
Fukuchiyama City (formerly Oe-cho) Bus Service
Buses bound for Oe Yama-no-ie (outdoor recreational facilities with restaurant and lodges) via Oe Kokomae Station and Kitaariji (Ashiginu Okumo no Sato)

Taxi service
Nihon Kotsu Taxi

Passenger use
The average daily number of passengers who used the station in fiscal year 2006 was 112.
(According to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

Oe Station is located at the center of Oe-cho (Kyoto Prefecture). It has the fourth-largest number of passengers among the stations on the Miyafuku Line.

July 16, 1988: Oe station opened as a facility on the Miyafuku Line of the Miyafuku Railway (currently the Kitakinki Tango Railway).

Kawamori Station, a Hokutan Railway terminal station, was once located approximately 100 meters west of this facility.

Adjacent stations
Kitakinki Tango Railway
Miyafuku Line
Gujo Station - Oe Station - Oe Kokomae Station

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