Oeyamaguchi-naiku Station (大江山口内宮駅)

Oeyamaguchi-naiku Station, located in Naiku, Oe-cho (Kyoto Prefecture), Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railway station on the Miyafuku Line of the Kitakinki Tango Railway (KTR). The station name is derived from Motoise Naiku Kotai-jinja Shrine.

Station layout
The tracks, when viewed from the Miyazu direction, head south and curve toward the east. It has a single platform serving two tracks. The lines pass through, but because they're generally curved a speed limit of 85 km/h is imposed, even on trains that pass through without stopping.

Station surroundings
Located in a valley between mountains, the west side runs parallel to a Kyoto prefectural route.

Kyoto Prefectural Route 9: Ayabe Oe Miyazu Route
Motoise Naiku Kotai-jinja Shrine
Entrance in the direction of Oeyama

Passenger use
The average daily number of station users in fiscal year 2006 was eight.
(According to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

July 16, 1988:
It opened as a station on the Miyafuku Line for Miyafuku Railways (currently the Kitakinki Tango Railway).

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