Okawara Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (大河原駅 (京都府))

Located in Kakegahara, Kita-okawara, Minami-yamashiro-mura, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, Okawara Station is a stop on the Kansai Main Line, which is operated by the West Japan Railway Company.

Station layout

It is an aboveground station with two side platforms serving two tracks, allowing the inbound train and outbound train to pass each other. Because both the starting signal and the home signal are set up for only one direction, the train on the other line cannot be given priority to enter the station.

The station building is located on the Kamo-bound platform side and connected to the Kameyama-bound platform by an unroofed bridge. As a quasi-sub-contracted railway station, it is unmanned early in the morning and from evening onwards. There is no automatic ticket machine.

* The platforms are not numbered.


Minami-yamashiro Village Office

Minami-yamashiro Post Office

Yamanami Hall

National Route 163

Kizu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture)

Bus services

Minami-yamashiro community bus (operated on Wednesdays, free of charge)
For Okawara
For Nodono and Dosenbo


November 11, 1897: Opened as station (general rail station) of Kansei Railway Company with start of services between Iga-Ueno Station and Kamo Station (Kyoto Prefecture).

October 1, 1907: Kansei Railway Company nationalized in compliance with Railway Nationalization Act.

October 12, 1909: Line name changed to Kansai Main Line.

August 1, 1970: Freight services discontinued (became passenger-only station).

April 1, 1987: Ownership passed to West Japan Railway Company following division and privatization of JNR.

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