Omuro-Ninnaji Station (御室仁和寺駅)

Omuro-Ninnaji Station, located in Omuro Komatsuno-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a stop on the Kitano Line, which is operated by Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. Prior to March 18, 2007, it was called Omuro Station. Its station number is B5. As its name suggests, this is the nearest station to Ninna-ji Temple, a World Heritage site, and the Nio-mon Gate, its temple gate, can be seen from the station.

Station layout

It's an aboveground station having two platforms serving two tracks; the inbound trains and outbound trains can pass one another at this station. The station building is present only on the side of the platform for Kitano-Hakubaicho Station. Although the station has a ticket gate and a ticket window, it's now an unmanned station so those windows aren't normally used. However, occasionally tickets are collected when congestion is expected, such as during the 'Sakura Matsuri Festival' (cherry blossoms festival) of Ninna-ji Temple. Accordingly, a card reader for KANSAI THRU PASS is installed at the ticket gate. Incidentally, the ticket window is hidden by a platform information board. The facility's former name, 'Omuro Station,' which is written in old Japanese type and style (in which the characters are written from right to left), is still framed and hangs on the front wall of the station despite the change of name to Omuro-Ninnaji Station.

Station surroundings

Ninna-ji Temple
Kyoto Municipal Omuro Elementary School
Kyoto Municipal Narabigaoka Junior High School

Bus stops
Keifuku Omuro-ekimae (in front of Omuro Station) Bus Stop (discontinued)
Kyoto Bus
Of the few bus services available at this stop, services from Kyoto Station used to be provided (only buses that terminated at this station were in operation; those departing from this station were not available) but were discontinued in July 2007.

Omuro Ninnaji Bus Stop
It's located in front of the temple gate of Ninna-ji Temple, a walk of approximately 200 meters north from the station.

Kyoto City Bus
West JR Bus Company
Kyoto Bus provides only one bus service, which comes from Kyoto Station on Saturdays and holidays.


November 3, 1925: The facility started as Omuro Station, being operated by Kyoto Dento, an electric power company.

March 2, 1942: It became a station under the control of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd., a company that succeeded to the railway.

March 19, 2007: The facility's name was changed to Omuro-Ninnaji Station.

Adjacent stations

Keifuku Electric Railroad
Kitano Line
Myoshinji Station (B6) - Omuro-Ninnaji Station (B5) - Utano Station (B4)

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