Rokuoin Station (鹿王院駅)

Rokuoin Station, located in Saga Kitabori-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a railroad facility on the Arashiyama Main Line of Keifuku Electric Railroad. Its station number is A12.

Station layout

Rokuoin Station is a ground station that has a pair of platforms facing each other with two railroad tracks running in between.

Station surroundings
Rokuo-in Temple (a Buddhist temple)
Kyoto Municipal Hirosawa Elementary School

November 27, 1956: Rokuoin Station opened.

Adjacent stations
Keifuku Electric Railroad
Arashiyama Main Line
Kurumazaki-jinja Station (A11) - Rokuoin Station (A12) - Randen-Saga Station (A13)

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