Saga Torokko Station (トロッコ嵯峨駅)

Saga Torokko Station, located in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Saga Sightseeing Tram Line of Sagano Scenic Railway.

The telegraphic address for the station name is 'Torosaka.'

The 19th CENTURY HALL, which exhibits science technology and arts from the 19th century, is located in front of the station, and one can see locomotives such as JNR steam locomotive D51 class (type D51) and other items there.

Sagano Scenic Railway: Sagano Sightseeing Tram Line
West Japan Railway Company (JR West): Saga-Arashiyama Station on the Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line)
Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.: Randen-Saga Station on the Arashiyama Main Line of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd.

Station layout
The station is located on the ground level, with a single platform serving a track.

Station surroundings
Togetsu-kyo Bridge
Tenryu-ji Temple
Daikaku-ji Temple
Seiryo-ji Temple
Nonomiya-jinja Shrine
The Kyoto Arashiyama Orgel Museum
Arashiyama Station (Hankyu) -- Cross Togetsu-kyo Bridge and go southeast. It's a walk of approximately twenty minutes.

Saga Toriimoto (preservation districts for groups of historical buildings)

April 27, 1991: Its operation started.

April, 2003: 19th CENTURY HALL opened in front of the station.

Adjacent stations
Sagano Scenic Railway
Sagano Sightseeing Tram Line
Saga Torokko Station - Arashiyama Torokko Station

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