Sagano Scenic Railway (嵯峨野観光鉄道)

Sagano Scenic Railway is the company operating Torokko trams on the Sagano Sight-seeing Tram Line, which utilizes the old San-in Line in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Sagano Scenic Railway is a wholly-owned subsidiary of West Japan Railway Company. The head office is located in Sagatenryuji Kurumamichi-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

To electrify the railway and install multiple tracks, the San-in Line (Sagano Line) between Saga (now Saga-Arashiyama) and Umahori was replaced with a new line in March, 1989, after which the old line along Hozukyo, a famous scenic site, was made into a sight-seeing railway, thereby starting Torokko tram service in 1991. According to Keitetsu Kyokai's "Unknown Railways" (JTB, 1997), Sagano Scenic Railway is the first railway used purely for sightseeing in Japan.

In front of Saga Torokko Station, which is the start of the Torokko tram on the Kyoto side, there is the 19th CENTURY HALL in which science, technology, and art of the 19th century are on display, and which is also managed by Sagano Scenic Railway. 19th CENTURY HALL displays steam locomotives such as Japanese National Railways Steam Locomotive D51.


In November 4, 1990, Sagano Scenic Railway was founded.

On April 27, 1991, Sagano Sight-seeing Tram Line between Saga Torokko Station and Kameoka Torokko Station opened.

Beginning in November, 2002, "Torokky" was used as a poster boy.

In April, 2003, 19th CENTURY HALL opened in front of Saga Torokko Station.

See below for operations.

Sagano Scenic Railway, Sagano Sight-seeing Tram Line - Saga Torokko Station to Kameoka Torokko Station: 7.3km


The rail cars all belonged to JR (Japan Railway Company) and have been remodeled for use. For locomotives, Japanese National Railways Diesel Locomotives DE10-1104 and DE10-1156 were repainted, the former mainly in current use, and the latter belonging to JR as a reserve. For passenger cars, Japanese National Railways freight cars, Toki 25000, were remodeled.

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