Sanmon Station (山門駅)

Sanmon Station is a stop on the Mount Kurama Cable Railway, which is operated by Kurama-dera Temple, a religious corporation located in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Sanmon Station is a stop on the Mount Kurama Cable Railway, located at the foot of the mountain; as the name shows, the station is located at the place right after passing the Sanmon (temple gate) (Nio-mon Gate) of Kurama-dera Temple.

Connecting railway line
Eizan Electric Railway
Kurama Station on the Kurama Line operated by Eizan Electric Railway (a walk of about five minutes from the station).

Station layout
Fumyoden,' a Buddhist temple built in 1992, serves as a station building. Buddha (Bishamonten, Vaisravana) is enshrined at the front side of the main entrance on the first floor; on the left side is a practical ticket window called the 'cable reception,' where passengers contribute to temple maintenance (which basically pays their fares) in order to receive tickets. The waiting room is on the right side, and the gate is on the right side at the back. The waiting room features a panel with information on the cable car. The columns at the gate is vermilion-lacquered. Incidentally, 'Fumyoden' has a second floor, but currently it isn't used.

Station surroundings
Kurama-dera Temple, Sanmon (temple gate)
Yuki-jinja Shrine
Kyoto Prefectural Route 38: Kyoto Hirogawara Miyama Line (Kurama Kaido Road)

January 1, 1957: The station was opened when the Mount Kurama Cable Railway was established.

1992: 'Fumyoden,' a Buddhist temple, was constructed as a practical station building.

Adjacent stations
Kurama-dera Temple, a religious corporation
Mount Kurama Cable Railway
Sanmon Station - Tahoto Station

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