Shimokoma Station (下狛駅)

Shimokoma Station, located in Seika-cho, Sorakugun of Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Katamachi Line of West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

Station layout

It is an aboveground station with a single platform and a single track. From its straight-line configuration, trains bound for Kizu and Kyobashi in opposite directions both arrive at and depart from the same platform. Because the length of the platform is just enough to accommodate four cars, the platform of this station (along with those of all stations between Kizu Station and Doshisha-mae Station) is scheduled to be extended to handle seven cars by around March 2010 (end of the fiscal year 2009).

It is an unmanned station lacking a station building, but the platform is roofed toward its south end. Accessible stairs are located in the middle section of the platform.

The ICOCA and J-Thru cards can be used. ICOCA cards, J-Thru cards and others of their type are handled by automated ticket gates of simplified type. Simple-type automated ticket gates can't handle the use of more than one J-Thru Card for a single transaction.

Station surroundings

Komada Station - Kintetsu Kyoto Line

Minami-Kyoto High School

Shimokoma Post Office

Yawata-Kizu Line of the Kyoto Prefectural Route 22

Bus service

Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co., Ltd.
Seika Kururin Bus

Usage status

The number of passengers boarding at this station came to approximately 545 per day in fiscal year 2006.
(Source: Kyoto Prefecture Statistical Report)


December 1, 1952: The station was inaugurated as a station of Japan National Railways.

April 1, 1987: The station became a JR West Line station due to the split privatization of Japan National Railways.

Neighboring stations

West Japan Railway Company

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■Rapid Service/■Regional Rapid Service/■Local (only outbound regional rapid service in operation)

Hosono Station - Shimokoma Station - JR Miyamaki Station

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