Shinomiya Station (四宮駅)

Shinomiya Station, located in Shinomiya-donogo-cho, Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Keihan Keishin Line, which is operated by Keihan Electric Railway.

Before the Tozai Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway came into use, the Keihan Electric Railway operated sub-express trains (between Sanjo and Hamaotsu) and local trains (between Sanjo and Shinomiya), and this station served as the terminal for local trains. Even today, a few trains start and end their operations at this station in order to enter or exit a depot.

Station layout
It is located on the ground level, with a platform serving a track and an island platform serving two tracks. The ticket gate is located on the Hamaotsu side of the platform serving only one track, which is for trains bound for Kyoto; however, a railroad crossing has been provided within the premises to make a connection with the island platform, which is located on the other side and used for trains bound for Hamaotsu.

The Shinomiya depot, a rail yard for train cars on the Keishin Line, is located on the north side of this station, but it looks somewhat small because the depot, which was originally provided for two-car trains, has been updated to accommodate four-car trains.

Each platform has a length sufficient to accommodate a four-car train.

Although the platforms are for three tracks, no track number is displayed (no track number is announced even in the automatic public address system). However, track numbers are provided for management purposes, and with the numbers given from the depot side, the tracks of inbound trains, which are served by the island platform, are numbered 1 and 2 and the track for outbound trains, which is served by the other platform, is numbered 3.

Ordinarily, trains for Hamaotsu use the track on the station-house side of the island platform (Platform 2). The track on the other side of the island platform (Platform 1) is used by trains to enter or exit from the depot and the trains starting at this station (but when express trains were operated on this line, passengers changed from a local train to an express train or vice versa at this station). Until October 1997, local trains starting at Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) returned from this station except in the early morning or midnight hours.

Station surroundings
National Route 1
The former Sanjo-dori Street (former Tokaido Road)
The Yamashina Shinomiya post office
The Shinomiya branch of Shiga Bank
Tokurinan Temple (Yamashina Meguri Jizo or Shinomiya Jizo): One of the six Jizo in Kyoto
Kyoto Higashi (east) Interchange: Meishin Expressway
Ittoen (a social welfare corporation)
Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital

Passenger use
The average daily number of people who boarded or disembarked, as of November 2003, was 2,555.

Because this station is located near the boundary between Kyoto Prefecture and Otsu City of Shiga Prefecture, residents in both prefectures use it.

August 15, 1912: Keishin Electric Tramway started operating between Furukawacho (later Higashiyama-Sanjo Station) and Fudanotsuji Station (the use of which eventually ceased), and concurrently this station started operating.

February 1, 1925: The companies concerned merged, and this station became a facility on the Keishin Line of Keihan Electric Railway.

May 5, 1925: The operation of the portion between Fudanotsuji and Hamaotsu of the line started, completing the planned coverage of the line.

October 1, 1943: The companies concerned merged, and this station became a facility of Keihanshin Express Electric Railway (Hankyu Corporation).

August 7, 1949: A fire broke out at the adjacent Shinomiya depot, completely burning it and destroying 22 train cars. December 1, 1949: Due to a separation of the company, this station became a facility of Keihan Electric Railway.

June 28, 1997: The new station house came into use.

January 15, 2002: Automatic ticket vending machines were installed and implemented.

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