Takaragaike Station (宝ヶ池駅)

Takaragaike Station, located in the Sakyo ward of Kyoto City, is a stop on the Eizan Main Line and the Kurama Line of the Eizan-dentetsu (Eizan Electric Railway).

Station layout

It is an unmanned station with one island platform and two separate platforms serving four tracks. A level crossing in the station (Class 1 Ko) lies in the south side (on the Demachiyanagi side) of the platforms and interconnects the platforms, where many people and bicycles cross due to the station being unmanned and having no ticket gate. There is a free bicycle parking area to the west of the level crossing, which was installed by the Eizan Electric Railway. A roof is installed on each of the platforms around the center, and Platform 2 and 3 are equipped with a waiting room, where currently no bench but only a vending machine is installed, and the entrance door has been removed.

There is a slight slope from the entrance on the National Route side on the west up to the Kurama-bound Platform 4, which is wheelchair-accessible. Caretakers are needed to go up and down the track level of the crossing and the platform level in order to access other platforms.

Since the station is an unmanned transfer station, passengers are required to notify one of the train personnel regarding any transfer when leaving the train.

If a passenger has a ticket to his/her destination, it must be shown to the train personnel.

If a passenger gets on a train at an unmanned station and does not have a ticket to his/her destination, the passenger will be required to pay the fare to the destination on the train in transferring in order to have a ticket to the destination issued.

When using a KANSAI THRU PASS, the fare to the Takaragaike Station is deducted first and then the difference is deducted at the destination.

There is a single crossover leading to a Kurama-bound outbound track on the Hachimanmae side of Platform 3. There used to be shuttle trains bound for Iwakura, which arrived at and departed from Platform 3 once in the morning, but the operation was abolished in about 2000. The operation of a special train running between Demachiyanagi and Takaragaike during the citizen's marathon was halted after the Kyoto Municipal Subway was extended to Kokusaikaikan, so now there is no shuttle train arriving at and departing from this station except when there is a problem.

The side track extending from Platform 3 and 4 in the direction of Shugakuin used to be a diverging double track, and the track extending from Platform 3 used to cross the track leading from the outbound Eizan Main Line to the Kurama Line at grade. When a positive train control (PTC) was implemented, the track was changed so that it would diverge from the current Platform 4.

Station surroundings

The station faces National Route 367, and to the south of the station and over the railway tracks lies an elevated bridge of Shirakawa-dori Street, which diverges from the National Route. The area around the station except along the National Route comprises small residential areas between the station and the mountains.

Kokusaikaikan Station on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway is located about 1 km northwest of the station.

bicycle racetrack = velodrome
Takano-gawa River
Kyoto Kamitakano Post Office
Home Center KOHNAN Takaragaike, Store No. 2
AU (mobile phone) shop, Hanazonobashi branch
WILLCOM COUNTER Hanazonobashi branch
Steak House DON
Steak House SANDAYA, Takaragaike branch

Bus stop
Takaragaike bus stop
The bus stop is located on the Shirakawa-dori Street near the south entrance of the station.

Northbound (across the street)
Kyoto City Bus
Bound for Iwakura Soshajo-mae via Kokusaikaikan Station
Kyoto Bus
Bound for Ohara, Kutsuki, Jissoin Temple, and Iwakura Muramatsu
Kyoto City Bus
Route No. 5 - For Kyoto Station via Ginkakuji-michi, Heian Jingu Shrine, Sanjo-keihanmae, Shijo-Kawaramachi, Shijo-Karasuma
Route No. 31 - For Shijo-Karasuma via Takano, Chion-ji Temple, Gion, Shijo-Kawaramachi
Route No. 65 - For Shijo-Karasuma via Kamihate-cho, Hyakumamben, Kumano, Karasuma Maruta-machi
Kyoto Bus
Bound for Demachiyanagi Station, Sanjo-keihanmae, Shijo-Kawaramachi, Kyoto Station


September 27, 1925: The station opened as a Yamabana Station owned by Kyoto Dento.

December 1, 1928: The Kurama Electric Railway opened the line between Yamabana and Ichihara, thus becoming a transfer station.

December 20, 1929: An extended operation service began between the Kurama Electric Railway and the Kyoto Dento (bound for Demachiyanagi Station). The station became a branch station.

March 2, 1942: The Kyoto Dento became Keifuku Electric Railroad as a result of transfer of the company.

August 1, 1942: The Kurama Electric Railway was merged into the Keifuku Electric Railroad.

May 1, 1944: The line between this station and Yase Station (currently Yase-Hieizanguchi Station) became a single track for the delivery of supplies for the war.

November 10, 1944: The line between this station and Nikenchaya Station (Kyoto Prefecture) became a single track for the delivery of supplies for the war.

December 11, 1949: A through-train service from Mototanaka Station to this station was begun by Kyoto City Trams. It was intended to deal with transportation to the bicycle racetrack near the station. Accordingly, a low-floor platform was built in the station for the Kyoto City Trams. Today, the remains of the low-floor platform still exist to the north of the Kurama-bound Platform 4.

July 1, 1951: The line between this station and Yase Station became a double track again.

June 10, 1954: The station name was changed from Yamabana Station to Takaragaike Station.

September 1, 1955: The entry of Kyoto City Trams was closed.

April 9, 1958: The line between this station and Iwakura Station (Kyoto Prefecture) became a double track again.

April 1, 1986: The station came under the ownership of the Eizan Electric Railway due to the transfer of companies.

Neighboring stations

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Eizan Main Line
Shugakuin Station - Takaragaike Station - Miyakehachiman Station
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Takaragaike Station - Hachimanmae Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

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