The Keihan Cable Line (京阪鋼索線)

The Keihan Cable Line is run by Keihan Electric Railway's cable cars, and connects Yawatashi Station in Yawata City of Kyoto Prefecture with Otokoyama-sanjo Station. It is called Otokoyama Cable Railway.

Iwashimizu-hachiman-gu Shrine is in Otokoyama-sanjo, and the crowds of people paying their New Year's visit to the shrine in January account for 50% of the entire passenger population. While the trains run at 12.6 km/h during the New Year rush, in other slack seasons, they run at 8 km/h. The cars pass each other on the 111 meter long Osugidani Railway Bridge.

In 2001, the cars on the Keihan Cable Line were updated, and it became possible to use the Kansai Thru compatible cards.

As there is no ticket collection at Otokoyama-sanjo Station, tickets are handled at the lower Yawatashi Station for both up and down trains; the fare is subtracted from Kansai Thru passes at this time. When the fare is insufficient, it is adjusted at Yawatashi Station of the Keihan Cable Line. Of the Keihan Electric Railway routes, this is the only one on which the PiTaPa card cannot be used.

Route data

Route distance (kilometers operated): 0.4 km
system: single track with 2 cars running alternately
Track gauge: 1067 mm
Number of stations: 2 (including the station of origin and the destination station)
Variation in altitude: 82 m

Operating pattern
During normal operation, trains depart every 30 minutes, with about 3 minutes spent in transit. The interval shrinks to 15 minutes when the irregular trains run when there are passengers are included. The trains run all night long from New Year's Eve to New Year, and run frequently during the first 3 days of the new year.

Operation of the railway was begun in 1926 by Otokoyama Cableway. After the company changed its name to Otokoyama Railway, it became a subsidiary company of Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. In 1944, during the war, the railway was demolished and its materials collected; however, in 1955, after the war, operation was revived under the direct management of the Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

June 22, 1926: Otokoyama Cableway began service between Hachimanguchi and Otokoyama.

May 28, 1928: Tthe company changed its name to Otokoyama Railway.

August 31, 1929: It became a subsidiary company of Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

February 11, 1944: The railway was judged to be a nonessential line; it was demolished and its materials were collected.

December 3, 1955: Under the direct management of the Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd., service was revived between Otokoyama (present Yawata City) and Hachiman-gu Shrine (present Otokoyama-sanjo).

July 11, 2001: New cars began running.

List of stations

From Yawatashi Station to Otokoyama-sanjo Station

Connecting route
Yawatashi Station: Keihan Main Line

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