Tobakaido Station (鳥羽街道駅)

Tobakaido Station, located in Shimo-Takamatsu-cho, Fukuine, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railway facility on the Keihan Main Line of the Keihan Electric Railway.

Station layout

This station is located on the ground level, with two platforms serving two tracks between them. The station building is constructed near the platform for Demachiyanagi Station on the side toward Yodoyabashi Station, and is connected with the platform for Yodoyabashi by an underground passage. The Nara Line runs in parallel along the east side of the platform for Osaka Station.


* Each platform has an effective length of seven train cars. The platforms aren't indicated by numbers.

Station surroundings

Nintendo Kyoto R&D Center (formerly the headquarters)
Tofuku-ji Temple
Oba Memorial Hospital=>Inariyama Hospital
The Kyoto-Tobamichi post office
Bus stops
There is no bus connection at Keihan Tobakaido Station.

Nearest bus stop: Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau Jujo Aifukacho
Jujo Aifukacho
The bus stop isn't in front of the station but is situated along the Shidan-kaido Road, a five-minute walk from the station.

Kyoto City Bus
South Route 5: For East Exit of Takeda Station (Kyoto Prefecture) (via Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine)/Kyoto Station


April 15, 1910: The station opened.

October 1, 1943: The station became a facility of the Keihanshin Express Railway (Hankyu Railway) due to the merger of the company.

September 15, 1945: To prevent confusion in transportation, the station's services were suspended.

May 11, 1946: The station commenced service again.

December 1, 1949: Following the corporate spin-off, it became a station of the Keihan Electric Railway.

July 21, 1968: The underground passage in the yard started being used, and the yard crossing was abandoned.


Toba-kaido Road, which is famous for the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, is more than two kilometers west of this station. However, this station was named as such because, in 1902, a new road (current Jujo-dori Street) connecting the vicinity of the station with Toba-kaido Road was constructed, making it possible to pass through to Toba-kaido Road, and it seems that the station was named after the fact that it was the nearest station to Toba-kaido Road.

This station is nearer to Tofuku-ji Temple than Tofukuji Station is.

Adjacent stations
Keihan Electric Railway
Keihan Main Line

K-Limited Express/Limited Express/Express



Fushimi-inari Station - Tobakaido Station - Tofukuji Station

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