Toji Station (東寺駅)

Toji Station, located at Nishi-Kujo-Zaocho in Minami Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line of the Kintetsu Corporation.

All trains except those classified as limited expresses currently stop at this station; however, during their time of operation the rapid express trains for Kyoto Line did not stop at this station but would overpass it instead.

Station layout
It is an elevated station with two platforms opposite each other and two tracks in between. Each platform has a length sufficient to accommodate six cars. The ticket gates and concourse are located on the ground floor, and the platforms are on the floor above. Ticket gates are found in only one location. Commuter passes are not sold.

The automated ticket gates were manufactured by Toshiba. The red-colored automated ticket gates (EG-2000) can process two tickets together when exiting, and they're compatible with the PiTaPa and ICOCA cards.

Usage status
According to a survey conducted on November 8, 2005, a total of 9,765 passengers got on and off at this station that day.

It ranked seventy-seventh among all Kintetsu stations (a total of 323 stations on the day) subject to the survey.

It ranked fourteenth among stations on the Kyoto Line (out of 26 stations, including Yamato-Saidaiji Station).

It ranked twelfth among 23 Kintetsu stations in Kyoto Prefecture.

Station surroundings

To-ji Temple

Kyoto Municipal Kujo Junior High School

Kyoto Municipal Kujokodo Elementary School

Kyoto Toji Post Office

Kyoto Nishi-kujo Post Office

Kujo-dori Street (National Route 1, National Route 171)

Keihan Kokudo Crossing

Kyoto Prefectural Toba High School

Rakunan High School/Junior High School

Kyoto Computer Gakuin: 500 meters north of Toji Station


The nearest bus stop is Kujo Kintetsu-mae, located on National Route 1 (on Kujo-dori Street) in front of the station. The reason this bus stop is called 'Kujo Kintetsu-mae' instead of 'Kintetsu Toji Station-mae' is that it inherited the name of the stop used by Kyoto City Trams, which ran on Kujo-dori Street up until 1978.

The following route buses serve this area, and Kyoto City Buses and Keihan Bus Co., Ltd. operate on these routes.

Kyoto City Bus

Kyoto City Bus Yokooji Office Route No. 19: for Kyoto Station, Yokooji Shako depot

Kyoto City Bus Kujo Office Route No. 71: for Kyoto Station, Matsuo Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

Kyoto City Bus Yokooji Office Route No. 78: for Kyoto Station, Kuze Kogyo-Danchi (Industrial Park)

Kyoto City Bus Kujo Office Route No. 202, Rapid No. 202: for Tofuku-ji Temple and Gion, Nishioji-Kujo and Enmachi Station

Rapid Route No. 202: for Ritsumeikan University

Kyoto City Bus Kujo Office Route No. 207: for Tofuku-ji Temple and Gion, Shijo-Omiya and Gion

Kyoto City Bus Kujo Office Route No. 208: for Higashiyama-Nanajo and Kyoto Station, Nishioji-Nanajo and Kyoto Station

Keihan Bus

Keihan Bus Rakunan Office common-route bus (Keihan City Bus): for Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit, Yodo Station

November 15, 1928: The station was inaugurated when the section between Kyoto Station and Momoyama Goryo-mae Station of the Nara Electric Railway went into operation.

March 1939: The station was elevated and relocated 0.1 km toward Yamato-Saidaiji Station.

October 1, 1963: The station became a Kintetsu Corporation station as the result of amalgamation.

April 1, 2007: The use of PiTaPa Cards commenced.

Neighboring stations
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Express/Semi Express
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