Tojiin Station (等持院駅)

Tojiin Station, located in Tojiinnishi-machi, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, is a stop on the Kitano Line, which is operated by Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd. Its station number is B8.

Station layout

It is an aboveground station having two platforms serving two tracks; the inbound trains and outbound trains can pass one another at this station. The main entrance is located on the east side of the station, but people can access the road on the north side through a break in the fence on the platform for Kitano-Hakubaicho Station, which is placed on the west side of the station shed.

Land needed for the construction of two tracks is ensured in the section between this point and the railway crossing near Ryoanji Station, where a road runs parallel to the railway track. The double-track railway in this section will make it possible for inbound trains and outbound trains to pass each other freely, since the system is already established in the section between Narutaki and Tokiwa; however, this idea hasn't yet been achieved because the necessary land hasn't been ensured in other sections in which houses are densely packed.

Station surroundings

Toji-in Temple
Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus


November 3, 1925: The station started operation under Kyoto Dento, an electric power company.

March 2, 1942: It was placed under the control of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd., a company that succeeded to the railway.

Adjacent stations

Keifuku Electric Railroad
Kitano Line
Kitano-Hakubaicho Station (B9) - Tojiin Station (B8) - Ryoanji Station (B7)

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