Utano Station (宇多野駅)

Utano Station, located in Nagao-cho, Utano, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a railway facility of the Kitano Line, which is operated by Keifuku Electric Railroad. Its station number is B4.

Prior to March 18, 2007, it was called Takaoguchi Station.

Formerly, the station's name was notable as it conformed with the conventions of pre-war Japanese hiragana spelling by being written as 'Takawoguchi.'
As an aside, the anglicized spelling ended up being 'TAKAOGUCHI,' but there were some tourist guide maps in the vicinity that listed the name as 'TAKAWOGUCHI.'

Station layout

The station is above ground and has two platforms in staggered array serving one line. There is only a single entrance/exit on the eastern side of the platform bound for Katabiranotsuji, and the platform bound for Kitano-Hakubaicho has entrances/exits in two locations. Opposite the platform bound for Kitano-Hakubaicho, there is moss-covered remains of a platform that once served as a facility where inbound and outbound trains could pass one another.

For a long time after the war, there was only one platform on the northern side, but with the advent of trains being operated solely by a driver in 1982, the platform pointing toward Katabiranotsuji was added.

Station surroundings

The Cherry Tunnel between Narutaki and Utano
The tunnel is illuminated at night during the cherry-blossom season in spring.

For photos of the tunnel, see the article on the Cherry Tunnel of the Kitano Line of the Keifuku Electric Railroad.

Kyoto Municipal Utano Elementary School
Sagano Hospital
Sagano Church, headquarters of the Congregation of Jesus
The Kyoto Utano post office
Fukuoji-jinja Shrine
Numerous other shrines and temples


November 3, 1925: Kyoto Dento (an electric power company) opened Takaoguchi Station for business when the section between Kitano and Takaoguchi opened.

March 10, 1926: The section between Takaoguchi and Katabiranotsuji opened. It was linked with the Arashiyama Main Line.

March 2, 1942: The line was taken over and the facility became a station of the Keifuku Electric Railroad.

March 19, 2007: It was renamed as Utano Station.


In the Saturday Playhouse drama 'Kyoto Murder Guide' broadcast by TV Asahi, the program sets the facility as the neighborhood station for detective Otokawa's home, as well as a location where action takes place.

Adjacent stations

Keifuku Electric Railroad
Kitano Line
Omuro-Ninnaji Station (B5) – Utano Station (B4) - Narutaki Station (B3)

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