Yanagidani Mountain Railway (柳谷登山鉄道)

Yanagidani Mountain Railway ("Yanagidani Tozan Tetsudo" in Japanese) was a cable car line, which was intended to run near Yanagidani Kannon (Yokoku-ji Temple) in the present day Nagaokakyo City.

Railway Data (during planning phase)

Railway distance: 0.7 km from the vicinity of Kongen-ji Temple to the vicinity of Jododani, former Kaiinji-mura.
Track gauge: 1,067 mm

Connecting Lines (expected)

The Shinkeihan Railway Yanagidani-Kannon Extended Line (extending from Nagaoka Tenjin station to the Yanagidani Kannon; uncompleted)
There were plans to open an additional line between Mukomachi Station and Yokoku-ji Temple, and surveying stakes remained pegged to the ground in front of Choho-ji School for a long while. There still remains a votive tablet in the Amida-do Hall (a temple hall having an enshrined image of Amitabha) of Yokoku-ji Temple offered by the railway lighting construction workers of Yanagidani Walk.


Beginning of the Taisho period - Company is founded. December 20, 1922 - Company obtains a railway construction license. 1924 - Eijiro INOUE assumes the position of president. July, 1924 - Chief priest of Yokoku-ji Temple resigns as promoters' representative. August, 1924 - Company applies for route survey license. May 21, 1935 - Railway construction license lapses.

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