Awa Express Bus Kyoto-go (阿波エクスプレス京都号)

The Awa Express Bus Kyoto-go is the daytime express bus running from Kyoto City - Oyamasaki-cho, Otokuni District - Takatsuki City - Naruto City - Tokushima City. Because all buses operated for this route have reserved seating, it is required to reserve a seat in advance for boarding.

While these buses running between Kansai Region and Tokushima Prefecture are individually operated by JR (Japan Railroad) and private bus companies, (suh as the Tokushima Bus Co., Ltd.) this Awa Express Bus Kyoto-go is jointly operated by both parties.

Although the public nickname of this express bus is unified as the Awa Express Bus Kyoto-go among those four companies jointly operating this bus route, (West JR Bus Company, JR Shikoku Bus Company, the Keihan Bus Co., Ltd., and the Honshi Kaikyo Bus Co., Ltd.) only the bus of this route operated by the Tokushima Bus Co., Ltd. is named as the Eddy (this name is the common public nickname given to all the express buses operated by the Tokushima Bus, while the "Awa Express Bus Kyoto-go" is the official name for this company, too.)

Managing Companies of the bus route
West JR Bus Company
The Keihan Bus Co., Ltd.
JR Shikoku Bus Company
The Honshi Kaikyo Bus Co., Ltd. The Tokushima Bus Co., Ltd.

The bus stops for stopping
The triangle shape indicates the direction of the bus route. The round shape indicates the final stop/destination of the bus route.

Black fill indicates the bus stop designated as boarding only. White outlined type indicates the bus stop designated as getting off only.

Number of times for operation
7 round-trips in a day (the West JR Bus for 2 round-trips, the JR Shikoku Bus and the Tokushima Bus for 1.5 round-trips, and the Keihan Bus and the Honshi Kaikyo Bus for 1 round-trip)

There is no bus operating after midnight.

The operation of this bus route has started (6 round-trips operation in a day).

The Honshi Kaikyo Bus joined for the operation with 1 round-trip operation in a day, therefore the number of the operation for this bus route became 7 round-trip operations in a day. At the same time, the revision was made to stop at Oyamazaki and Takatsuki Bus Stops.

The specification of the operating bus
The buses (the West JR Buss operates mainly with the super-high decker type buses)
Reclining seats with 4-seating in a row

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