Bukkoji-dori Street (仏光寺通)

The Bukkoji-dori Street is a street running east-west in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. It corresponds to the Gojo-bomon-koji Street in Heiankyo. It runs from the right bank of the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa water system) in the east to the Sainishi-dori Street in the west between the Ayanokoji-dori Street and the Takatsuji-dori Street. A small scale shopping district constitutes the section between Higashi-Shinmichi Street and Nakamachi-dori Street.

Its name originates from the fact that it faced the north edge of Bukko-ji Temple after the relocation of the temple (1586). Until modern times some called the Takatsuji-dori Street Bukkoji-dori Street, while the current Bukkoji-dori Street was called Gojo-bomon-dori Street--its former name..

Facilities along the Street
Kyoto City Education Center
Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History
Bukko-ji Temple, Takakura-dori Bukko-ji Sagaru (to the south of Takakura-dori Bukko-ji)
Kyoto Municipal Rakuo Elementary School
Kyoto Municipal Subway/Kyoto City Subway, Karasuma Line, Shijo Station
Mibu-dera Temple, Bojo-dori Bukko-ji Agaru (to the north of Bojo-dori Bukko-ji)

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