Fukami Tunnel (深見トンネル)

The Fukami Tunnel is the tunnel running between Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City and Minami-Tanba City (Kyoto Prefecture).
(Refer to the article for the tunnels of the old National Road No. 162, including the details of the former Fukami-zuido Tunnel.)


The Fukami Tunnel is the tunnel for the National Road No. 162, running directly beneath the Fukami Pass. This tunnel has a short operation history as it was opened for traffic in September, 2001. The former Fukami-zuido Tunnel for the old National Road No.162 was blocked for passing through by setting up a barricade. The new Fukami Tunnel has the length of 1034m, while it is constructed in higher standard in specification by providing 10.5m width for the tunnel and equipped with many illuminations, allowing to reduce the sense of tightness inside of the tunnel space. The road maps of the entrance areas of this tunnel are placed at both ends of the tunnel.

The usage of the tunnel

This tunnel houses a spacious two-lane road. The tunnel also houses a sidewalk designed for those people who enjoy walking and bicycling on this road. The traffic volume of this tunnel is very high as it was built for the National Road No. 162, the trunk road connecting Fukui Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture. During the summer season, the traffic volume of touring motorcycles is particularly high.

Tunnel location

Kamiyuge-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture - Miyama-cho Fukami, Minami-Tanba City, Kyoto Prefecture

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