Fushimi-juku (Kyo-kaido Road) (伏見宿 (京街道))

The Fushimi-juku was a township for travelers on the former Kyo-kaido Road and some cited it as a Tokaido Gojusan Tsugi E6.9D.B1.E6.B5.B7.E9.81.93.E4.BA.94.E5.8D.81.E4.B8.83.E6.AC.A1. It was established in 1619. It is located at the center of Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.

It was an inn town as well as castle town of Fushimi-jo Castle, and furthermore an entrepot (Fushimi Port) for water transport on the Yodo-gawa River.

A road (the Otsu-kaido Road) was available to go to Otsujuku in Tokaido Gojusan Tsugi: it runs from the southern foot of a mountain of Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine to Kaju-ji Temple, passes through Yamashina Basin, and merges with Tokaido at Higechaya-oiwake (Higashichaya bisection).

The Fushimi-juku was linked with Osaka by the Kyo-kaido Road that runs on the Bunrokutei Bank of the left bank of the Yodo-gawa River.

The roads to Kyoto were Fushimi-kaido Road running at the foot of Momoyama and Takeda-kaido Road passing through Takeda-mura on a plain.

Nearest station

Kintetsu Corporation/Kintetsu Railways, Kintetsu Kyoto Line, Momoyama-goryo-mae Station
Keihan Electric Railway. Keihan Main Line, Fushimi-Momoyama Station

Keihan Electric Railway, Keihan Main Line/Keihan Uji Line, Chushojima Station

Neighboring townships for travelers

Tokaido (Kyo-kaido Road)

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