Gokomachi-dori Street (御幸町通)

Gokomachi-dori Street is one of the streets in Kyoto City that run in the north-south direction.
It is one block west of Teramachi-dori Street and stretches from Marutamachi-dori Street to the north and Gojo-dori Street to the south.
It did not exist when the city was Heian-kyo but was newly build by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMO under Tensho no Jiwari land allotment plan.
The origin of the street name remains unclear; one theory is that the name derives from Hideyoshi having traveled the street when paying a visit to the Imperial Court from Osaka (or Fushimi).

The street between Sanjo-dori and Shijo-dori streets has many cultural facilities, such as Art Complex 1928 in Sanjo Gokomachi, and shops catering to young people.

Principal facilities along the road

Kyoto Nishiki Food Market

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