Goshoden-dori Street (御所田通)

Goshoden-dori Street is a street running east-west through Higashi Goshoden-cho Murasakino in Kita Ward, Kyoto City. The street is approximately 300m in length from Aburakoji-dori Street Higashi-iru to Horikawa-dori Street. Running parallel from the north is Goshodenkami-dori Street (from Shinmachi-dori Street to Horikawa-dori Street Higashi-iru), Goshodenkita-dori Street, Goshoden Kitanaka-dori Street, Goshoden-dori Street, Goshoden Minaminaka-dori Street, Goshodenminami-dori Street, and Goshodenshimo-dori Street which are spaced approximately 50 m from each other. These streets are maintained with 'Shinmachigashira City Housing' which was the first city housing established in Kyoto City in 1920.

There is little traffic in the residential area.

Main Facilities on the Street
Kyoto City Kita Ward Office
Kyoto Elementary School attached to Kyoto University of Education: both on the corner of Goshodenkami-dori Street and Shinmachi-dori Street

Neither face Goshoden-dori Street.

Shimazu Corporation Murasakino Factory: Horikawa-dori Street
Tomb attributed to Murasaki Shikibu: Horikawa-dori Street

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