Hanayacho-dori Street (花屋町通)

Hanayacho-dori Street is a street in Kyoto City.

Hanayacho-dori Street runs from Nishi-Kyogoku Station on Kadonooji-dori Street east and west, to Tominokoji-dori Street. North and south, it is between Rokujo-dori Street and the former Hanayacho-dori Street. The former Hanayacho-dori Street runs parallel from Shinmachi-dori Street to Horikawa-dori Street. Sometimes Hanayacho-dori Street is called Shin-Hanayacho-dori Street in this area.

West from Horikawa-dori Street, it merges into one street, Hanayacho-dori Street. Also the street is interrupted by the First Central Wholesale Market of Kyoto City at Tanbaguchi Station.

The street from Karasuma-dori Street to Tomikoji-dori Street is a one-way street which heads east, but the street west from Karasuma-dori Street becomes a two-way street with one lane on each side, except for one part. The intersection with Shicihonmatsu-dori Street is very wide.

While it is sometimes known as Hanayamachi, it is better known as Hanaya-cho.

The name stems from the fact that many flower shops used to populate the area.

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