Honmachi-dori Street (Kyoto) (本町通 (京都))

The Honmachi-dori Street is a street running north-south through Kyoto City.

Located on the east side of the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa water system), it runs east of Kawabata-dori Street and Shidan-kaido Road, both of which are streets running north-south, and located west of Yamato-oji-dori Street.

In the north it starts from Gojo-dori Street; while from the south it continues as Sujikaibashi-dori Street in Fushimi Ward and then connects to National Highway Route No. 24. The route largely corresponds to former Fushimi-kaido Road.

In Higashiyama Ward Ryogawa-cho (town which exists on both sides area of the street) is arranged along the street; where towns have numbers within their names from 1 to 22 from the north--that is 1 chome, Honmachi to 22 chome, Honmachi Higashiyama Ward

The name of Sujikaibashi-dori Street originates from the name of a bridge (Sujikai-bashi Bridge) over Nanase-gawa river. The name 'Sujikai-bashi' comes from the bridge that crossed the river diagonally.

Fukakusa-Sujikaibashi-Minami 1 Chome is located south of the Sujikai-bashi Bridge, whereas Fukakusa-Sujikaibashi-Kita 1 Chome, is located north of the bridge. North of 1 Chome, Ryogawa-cho (town consisted the both sides area of the street) is arranged along the street; where towns have numbers within their names from 2 to 11 from the north--that is 2 Chome to 11 Chome, Fukakusa-Sujikaibashi.

Dai Juroku Shidan (16th division) of the Imperial Japanese Army was once located in Fukakusa, and its divisional headquarters were near 5 Chome, Fukakusa-Sujikaibashi. The headquarters building remains as Honkan (main building) of Kyoto/Fujimori Campus, Seibo Gakuin School. A public bath named Gunjin-yu is found along the street, evidence that the town used to thrive because of the presence of the military facilities.

Most sections from the Gojo-dori Street to the National Highway Route No. 24 are one-way heading north (for all vehicles except two-wheel vehicles).

In 9 chome, Honmachi, the street is divided by the Tokaido Main Line and the Tokaido Shinkansen. (A pedestrian bridge exists over the train tracks.)
There is a detour from 8 chome, Honmachi (the Shiokoji-dori Street) to 10 chome, Honmachi (Sennyuji-michi), which is connected to the street west of the railway. The detour is called Shin-motomachi-dori Street.

Most sections are designated Kyoto City Road except for the section between Fukakusa-inari-onmae-cho and Daiichi Gundo (first military road), Shidan-kaido road, which belongs to Nakayama-Inari-sen, Kyoto Fudo 201 Go (Kyoto Prefectural Road 201).

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