Ichijo-dori Street (一条通)

Ichijo-dori Street is one of the major east-west streets in Kyoto City. It corresponds to Ichijo-oji Street of Heian-kyo. Its eastern end is Karasuma-dori Street. In the west, it ends around Hanazono in Ukyo Ward, but some refer to the street, which extends west to Seiryo-ji Temple (Saga-Shakado) in Sagano, as Ichijo-dori Street. It also branches at Utano and leads to Shuzan-kaido Road.

Though Ichijo-oji Street formed the northern edge of Heian-kyo, the downtown area expanded across it northward after the mid-Heian period. Imadegawa-dori Street now acts as the northern boundary of Kyoto Gosho (Old Imperial Palace), which runs along its north side. Ichijo-dori Street, in central Kyoto City, is a narrow one-way road. Ichijomodori-bashi Bridge, which spans the Hori-kawa River (Kyoto Prefecture), is well known.

Higashi-Ichijo-dori Street
Higashi-Ichijo-dori Street, which forms an extended line of Ichijo-dori Street across the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system), runs from Kawabata-dori Street in the west to the gate (Torii) of Yoshida-jinja Shrine in the east. The east of Higashi-ichijo Street is the approach to Yoshida-jinja Shrine, along which there are many street stalls with a lively atmosphere during the Setsubun Festival, the bean-throwing festival to celebrate the coming of spring. Both sides of this section comprise the campus of Kyoto University, whose main gate also faces Higashi-Ichijo-dori Street. Each April, when new students enter the university, many signboards are erected to remind returning students of extracurricular activities.

Crossing roads

The narrow, one-way roads running in the center of the city aren't mentioned here.

East is upper, and west is lower. North is to the left, and south is to the right.

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