Imadegawa-dori Street (今出川通)

Imadegawa-dori Street is one of the major east-west streets in the northern part of downtown Kyoto City. It starts from the gate of Jisho-ji (Ginkaku-ji) Temple (Ginkakuji-cho, Sakyo Ward) in the east, and ends slightly west of Tojiin Station of the Keifuku Electric Railroad. The section east of the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River system) can be called Higashi-Imadegawa-dori Street. It runs along the northern edge of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.

The street was outside Heian-kyo, but it was developed later with the expansion of the downtown area to the northeast. Its was originally called Kitakoji-dori Street.

The name 'Imade-gawa' originates from a tributary of the Kamo-gawa River called the Imade-gawa River, which ran from Higashi-no-Toin-dori Street to Higashikyogoku-oji Street (the present-day Teramachi-dori Street).

The Imadegawa Line of the Kyoto City Trams ran until 1976 from Shirakawa-dori Street (Ginkakuji-michi Stop) to Nishioji-dori Street (Kitano-Hakubaicho Stop).

Road name

In the west, the street up to the Kitano-Hakubaicho crossing belongs to the Ginkakuji-Utano Line of Kyoto Prefectural Route 101.

Crossing roads

East is upper and west is lower. North is left and south is right.

Roads are operated by local municipalities unless otherwise specified.

Main facilities along the street

Jisho-ji (Ginkaku-ji) Temple

Kyoto University

The Hyakumanben crossing

Keihan Electric Railway - Demachiyanagi Station

Kamo-Ohashi Bridge (Yodo-gawa River System)

Kyoto Gyoen

Doshisha University, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, Doshisha Girls' Junior and Senior High School

Reizei family

Kyoto Municipal Subway - Imadegawa Station

Kamigyo Ward Office

Shiramine-Jingu Shrine

Kyoto City Archaeological Museum


Kitano tenmangu Shrine

Keifuku Electric Railroad - Kitano-Hakubaicho Station, Tojiin Station

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