Ine Town Bus (伊根町営バス)

Ine Town Bus is a community bus operated in Ine Town, Yosa-gun, Kyoto Prefecture.
It is normally called 'Ine Bus.'
The operation is entrusted to Tango Kairiku Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Tankai Bus). The operation has started since April 1, 2004.

The fare is between 150 and 300 yen.

The operated days differ for bus service routes, such as between Monday and Friday, on Saturdays, on school days, not running in wintertime, etc.

For all the routes of Choen-Honjo and Hatadani-Honjo and some of Honjo-Tsutsukawa and Tsutsukawa-Ine, a reservation to Tankai Bus is required by the day before (Tankai Bus: 0772-42-0321).

Honjo-Tsutsukawa route: Jiryo - Honjo Clinic (operation partly upon reservation)
Tsutsukawa-Ine route: Jiryo (Nomura) - Ine Clinic (operation partly upon reservation)
Nomuro-Honjo route: Nomuro - Honjo Clinic
Choen-Honjo route: Choen - Honjo Clinic (operation upon reservation)
Hatadani-Honjo route: Hatadani - Honjo Clinic (operation upon reservation)
For details, refer to the 'Ine Bus' section of the Ine Town Office's homepage.

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