Kadonooji-dori Street (葛野大路通)

The Kadonooji-dori Street is one of the major streets running north-south in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Although it is said to correspond to Nishikyogoku-oji of Heiankyo, it lies slightly to the east. The north end is Taishimichi (the road where Prince Shotoku took). The south end is Kuzebashi Higashizume of National Highway Route No. 171. It took a long time for the section between Shijo-dori Street and Oike-dori Street to open, and in fact the street was never completely opened. In April 2004, the section between Shijo-dori Street and Sanjo-dori Street opened, and in March 2005, the section between Sanjo-dori Street and Oike-dori Street section opened. It serves as a bypass for Tenjingawa-dori Street (National Highway route No. 162), which runs parallel to it on its west, while an extension to Marutamachi-dori Street in the north is being planed. Kadonooji-oike Crossing is near Uzumasa-tenjingawa Station of Tozai Line, Kyoto City Subway Line, above which the general buildings of Ukyo Ward Office have been recently built and relocated.

Cross streets

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Main facilities along the street

Kyoto Family Shopping Center

Kyoto-nishi branch shop, JASCO

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Kyoto Koka Women's University

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