Kamanza-dori Street (釜座通)

The Kamanza-dori Street is a street running north-south street in Kyoto City. It runs from Shimotachiuri-dori Street in the north to Sanjo-dori Street in the south for 1.2km. The section between Shimotachiuri-dori Street and Marutamachi-dori Street, which runs straight ahead from the Kyoto Prefectural Government building, is wide and lined with trees. The section south of Marutamachi-dori Street consists of one-way northbound traffic. Along the extension of the Kamanza-dori Street, Wakamiya-dori Street runs between Shichijo-dori Street and Shichijo-dori Street.

Kamanza-dori Street, which did not exist in Heiankyo, was built by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI during his Kyoto restructuring plan (Tensho zoning). The name 'Kamanza' comes from many foundry men (artisans who made iron goods such as iron kettles) who lived around present-day Sanjogamaza during the Heian period. Only one foundry remains there today.

Facilities along the Street

Kyoto Prefectural Government and Kyoto Prefectural Police

Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital

Kyoto City Kamigyo Fire Department

Kyoto City Nakagyo Fire Department, Umeya Fire Squad

Umeya Hiroba (former Kyoto City Umeya Elementary School)

Bank of Kyoto Fuchomae Branch

Seiemon ONISHI - a Kyoto foundry man at Sanjogamaza

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