Kamigoryomae-dori Street (上御霊前通)

Kamigoryomae-dori Street is a street running east-west through Kyoto City. The street runs from Kamo kaido of Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa River water system) in the east to Chiekoin-dori Street in the west.

Kuramaguchi-dori Street is one street north of Kamigoryomae-dori Street which goes through the southern limit of Kita Ward (Kyoto City) which makes Kamigoryomae-dori Street the northern limit of Kamigyo Ward from east to west. The street is not broad and there is little traffic.

Between Shinmachi-dori Street and Omiya-dori Street, it is a part of Teranouchi where many temples are closed. In other sections, there are small stores and urban houses.

The street is named "Kamigoryomae-dori Street" because it passes Kamigoryo-jinja Shrine where the Onin war broke out.

Facilities on the Main Roadside

Saionji-Temple, Kamigoryo-agaru Teramachi-dori Street

Kamigoryo-jinja Shrine, Kamigoryo higashi-iru Karasuma-dori Street

Other Temples in Teranouchi

Myoken-ji Temple, Shimachi nishi-iru Kamigoryomae-dori Street, the entrance gate is located at Teranouchi-dori Street which is the opposite side

Myokaku-ji Temple, Shimachi nishi-iru Kamigoryomae-dori Street

Honpo-ji Temple (Kyoto City), Kamigoryo-sagaru Ogawa-dori Street

Kosei-ji Temple, Kamigoryo-agaru Horikawa-dori Street

Urasenke Gakuen, Kamigoryomae-sagaru Ogawa-dori Street

Suika Tenmangu Shrine, Kamigoryo-agaru Horikawa-dori Street

Kyoto City Kita-sogo School for Special Education, a corner of Kamigoryo, Horikawa-dori Street

Ichiidani Nanano-jinja Shrine, Chiekoin higashi-iru Kamigoryomae-dori Street

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