Kamo Kaido (加茂街道)

Kamo kaido is a street running the embankment of the left shore of (west shore) the Kamo-gawa River in Kyoto City. In the north, the street goes through Misono-bashi Bridge and Shikuro-bashi Bridge and connects to a street which runs to Kumogahata at Takahashi. In the south, it connects to Shimogamohon-dori Street at the west end of Aoi-bashi Bridge, and runs south as Kawaramachi-dori Street.

It is one route (between Kitaoji Kamo kaido and the west end of Misono-bashi Bridge) taken during the Aoi Festival (a visiting tour known as the ceremony of Roto which is held on May 15) which is a festival held by Simogamo-jinja Shrine and Kamigamo-jinja Shrine. The many tall tree tunnels in the section from Misono-bashi Bridge to the south form a beautiful bright green parade.


The upper side is considered the northern portion, while the lower side is considered the southern portion. The left side is considered the western portion, while the right side is considered the east portion.

Intersections that are not labeled are munincipal roads.

Main Facilities on the Street

Kamo Wakeikazuchi-jinja Shrine (Kamigamo-jinja Shrine) Misono-bashi Bridge

Kyoto City Kamogawa Junior High School: Horikawa-dori Street

The Kyoto Botanical Garden: Kitayama Ohashi Bridge or Kitaoji-bashi Bridge

Public Transportation
Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus lines are available.

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