Karasuma-dori Street (烏丸通)

Karasuma-dori Street is one of the major north-south streets in Kyoto City.
The kanji 烏丸 is originally read as 'Karasumaru,' but the pronunciation has been simplified and now reads 'Karasuma.'
It corresponds to Karasumaru-Koji Street of Heiankyo. In the north it extends to Imamiya-dori Street just north of Kitaoji Bus Terminal (Kitaoji Station). Southward, it is bisected by Kyoto Station but extends to Kuzebashi-dori Street. It is a four-lane street throughout, except for the section north of Kitaoji-dori Street. The area along Karasuma Street, particularly around the Shijo-Karasuma crossing, is known as the business district of Kyoto, where many banks and companies are located. The Karasuma-Sen (Karasuma Line) of Kyoto City Subway runs below the street.

Karasuma-dori Street has been a main street facing Kyoto Station since the station opened in 1877. The street was widened from its origination as a path along which the Emperor would go to Kyoto Gosho (Old Imperial Palace) from Kyoto Station. It has taken the place of Senbon-dori Street, the former Suzakuoji broad avenue of Heiankyo, to become a main street of present-day Kyoto, because it passes the west side of Kyoto Gosho and crosses Kyoto Station north and south. Also, the section between Karasuma-Shichijo-dori Street and Karasuma-Gojo-dori Street belongs to National Highway Route No. 24, and the section between Karasuma-Gojo-dori Street and Karasuma-Kitaoji-dori Street belongs to National Highway Route No. 367.

The section between Oike-dori Street and Shijo-dori Street has been designated as a public non-smoking area.

Crossing Roads and Others

Roads are operated by the local municipalities unless otherwise specified.

Facilities along the street

Otani University

Doshisha University

Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited

Go-jinja Shrine

Kyoto St. Agnes Episcopal Church

Kyoto Gyoen - Kyoto Gosho

All stations between Kitaoji Station and Jujo Station of Karasuma-Sen (Karasuma Line), Kyoto City Subway

Kyoto International Manga Museum


Hankyu Kyoto Main Line, Karasuma Station


Higashi Hongan-ji Temple

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Station

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