Kawabata-dori Street (川端通)

Kawabata-dori Street is one of the streets of Kyoto City. The street runs north and south.

It runs along the east side of the Kamo-gawa River (Yodo-gawa Water System) and the Takano-gawa River (Kyoto City). In the north it merges with the Shirakawa-dori Street in Yamabana, Sakyo Ward. In the south it ends at the crossing with Shiokoji-dori Street in Higashiyama Ward, and further south of the Shiokoji-dori Street it is called Shidan-kaido Road. North from Takanobashi-higashizume (the crossing with Kitaoji-dori Street) it belongs to National Highway Route No. 367. South from Kawaibashi-higasizume (Old Imadegawa-dori Street) to Shiokojibashi-higashizume, the Keihan Main Line of Keihan Electric Railway and the Keihan Oto Line run underground.

South of Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture), the street has been extended to Shiokoji-dori Street using the site of the old ground-based Keihan Main Line, which was vacated through the construction of the continuous multi-level crossing of the Keihan Main Line in 1987 between Tofukuji Station and Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) along the Kamo-gawa River, and the land produced through the construction of a culvert of Biwako Sosui (channel) that is parallel with it. As stated above, the street opened relatively recently in the center of the city so it hasn't attracted many commercial facilities, even though it's located between Kawaramachi-dori Street and Gion.

Also, due to the short history of service its crossings are not called 'Kawabata-Sanjo,' 'Kawabata-Shijo' or 'Kawabata Shichijo' in the same way as those of other streets, but instead they are commonly called by the bridge names 'Sanjo-ohashi,' 'Shijo-ohashi,' 'Gojo-ohashi' and 'Shichijo-ohashi.'

However, the names 'Sanjo Keihan' or 'Shijo Keihan-mae,' which have been used for bus stops since the days when Keihan Electric Railways ran on the ground, remain familiar as place names.

North from Shiokoji-dori Street, a promenade has been established along the Kamo-gawa River.

Crossing Roads

North is upper, and south is lower. West and to the left, and east is to the right.

Roads are operated by local municipalities unless otherwise indicated.

Main facilities along the street

Shimogamo Police Station, Kyoto Prefecture

Eizan-dentetsu (Eizan Railway Line) - Shugakuin Station, Demachiyanagi Station

Keihan Oto Line - Demachiyanagi Station, Marutamachi Station (Keihan)

Keihan Main Line - Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture), Shijo Station (Keihan), Gojo Station (Keihan), Shichijo Station

Kyoto Juvenile Classification Center, Higashi-ichijo-dori Street

Kyoto Seika Girls High School (same as above)

Kinki Regional Invention Center (same as above)

Kansai German Cultural Center (same as above)

The Center for Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, Konoe-dori Street

Kyoto University Hospital, Kasugakami-dori Street (with the front entrance on Higashi-oji Street, on the opposite side of Kawabata-dori Street)

Tozai Line, Kyoto City Subway Line, Sanjo-keihan Station

The statue depicts Hikokuro TAKAYAMA viewing and bowing on his knee toward the Imperial Palace (known as Dogeza-zo (the statue of him kneeling on the ground)


Minami-za (Theater) Shijo-Ohashi Higashizume


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