Keihan Bus One Day Ticket (京阪バス1dayチケット)

Keihan Bus One Day Ticket is a one day pass for Keihan Bus.


Keihan Bus used to sell "Yamashina-Daigo Sightseeing One Day Pass" for Kyoto district, and "Hirakata City One Day Pass" for Osaka Prefecture, but it didn't sell well because it was relatively expensive at 800 yen for adults/ 400 yen for children, with limited venues selling such tickets.

Together with the estblishment of a card reader which resulted in increased card users, a card version of the pass was also offered.

The Kyoto City edition "Yamashina-Daigo Sightseeing One Day Pass" is now offered succession, but edition of Osaka is hesitated to use as "Hirakata City One Day Pass," edition of Osaka is widen the section of usage in almost all of lines in Osaka Prefecture. The ticket price was reduced to 500 yen for adults/ 250 yen for children per ticket for the Kyoto/Osaka.

November 26, 2004: Kyoto Edition Released
November 1, 2005: Osaka Edition Released
April 1, 2006: Coverage was spread to include Otokoyama Danchi together with the merger with Keihan Uji Kotsu.

2007: Tickets were offered for sale at the Otokoyama Office and the information box in Kuzuha Station (for adults and children. However, the tickets were only offered at the ticket window, not at buses or sales offices).

Kyoto City Edition

Inside of Kyoto City
Part of Uji City (nearby Rokujizo Station)
Part of Otsu City (from Otsukyo Station (while the name of the station was changed, the bus stop has been planned to be renamed in April) to the inside of Kyoto City)
Available for use on the Keihan Bus Yamashina Lines excepting certain parts (unavailable lines).

Osaka Edition

Available for use within Osaka Prefecture and Otokoyama Danchi district (covers a part of Matsuiyamate district, and Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture as an exception).

Covers most lines except for certain exceptions (See below for details).

Kyoto City Edition

Keihan Bus Yamashina Office, inside of the bus which belongs to Yamashina Office (only adult tickets are sold in the bus).

Keihan Bus Yamashina Station Information Center, Sanjo Keihan Information Center.

Osaka Edition

Solid at Keihan Bus Keihan Bus Otokoyama Office, Keihan Bus Hirakata Office, Keihan Bus Katano Office, Keihan Bus Korien Danchi Office, Keihan Bus Takatsuki Office, Keihan Bus Neyagawa Office, Keihan Bus Kadoma Office, and inside buses belonging to the above mentioned offices except Otokoyama (only adult tickets are sold).

Information Center of Keihan Bus Hirakatashi Station, Korien Station, Neyagawashi Station, and Moriguchishi Station. Behind the bus card sales office at Kuzuha Station Bus terminal 2.

Kyoto City Edition

From Hieidaira/Hiei-sancho (top of Mt. Hiei) to Kyoto Station, lines toward to Hamaotsu Station (Mt. Hiei Drive Bus, Mt. Hiei Shuttle Bus).

Temporary bus for Agon Star Festival, Kyoto Keibajo Shuttle Bus (But available for the temporary bus for the Pottery Festival (Yamashina-Ward)).

Keihan City Bus, Keihan Kyoto Kotsu, Keihan Uji Bus, and so on.

Osaka Edtion

Community Bus Yawata
Hirakata 100 yen Bus
Shijonawate City Community Bus
Keihan Higashi Rose Town Community Bus
(A red-eye bus is available for an extra fee (which can be paid using the Keihan group common bus card).
Town Kuru or Kurutto Bus, also available except for the community bus listed above)

Line departing and arriving from/at Matsuiyamate Station is Hirakatashi Station (Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital) - Hirakata 26/26A line of Matsuiyamate Station (unavailable for Kuzuha Station/ Poemunoru Kitayama - Matsui Yamate Station lines and Keihan Higashi Rose Town Community Bus). Only the Hirakata 26/26A line is available for the bus stop between Kinmeidai-nishi and Matsuiyamate Station.

Each temporary bus (except the Enpukuji Line and Iimori Reien Line).

Other company's bus.

Special Matters

Discounts for the people with physical, mental and health disabilities cannot be applied, different from monthly passes, bus tickets, and cards.

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